Help for Military/Veterans

Once a proud member of the United States Military, benefits are to be had for protecting our nation and freedoms. Here are some need to know items to make navigating help easier:

  1. Order a copy of you or your spouse’s military and records and keep all original documentation (only give copies).
  2. Get copies of all civilian medical records and keep originals.
  3. Always carry a list of current medications as well as their dosage and frequency.
  4. Have your DD214 or NGB22 as this is your proof of service and throughout your journey you will need this.
  5. MyHealthVet is the VA’s portal where you can obtain most medical records the VA has.
  6. Tricare is the main health insurance used by active and retired military.
  7. Don’t have a local Neuro Oncologist? In the event your area does not have a neuro oncologist, you can let your insurance know that there is a network deficiency and have them refer you to a neuro oncologist.
  8. When applying for programs through the VA you can ask for assistance by calling the VA’s Benefits Office.

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The VA does have services available for several means of care based on you or your loved one’s needs. Please see info on the following

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