Palliative Care can begin at diagnosis, and at the same time as treatment.  Palliative Care is meant to provide relief from the symptoms of GBM and the treatments. There are two sources of Palliative Care and the care you will receive will vary widely.

Palliative Care from a Hospice Agency – All hospice agencies provide palliative care which is a step down from Hospice Care. For some agencies, this means providing social and emotional support, but not any medications. Some agencies will provide and prescribe medications to ease symptoms. It is never too early to engage the services of palliative care. Often it is wise to engage palliative care at the initial diagnosis, or at the commencement of treatment.

Palliative Care through a Hospital – Hospitals generally have Palliative Care Departments, and these services will be significantly different from those offered through agencies. Physicians with high levels of experience and Board certifications can offer extraordinary care in a hospital setting, even for those who are outpatient. There are often many physicians in these departments, and they are able to consult with each other in difficult cases. They have a wide variety and unique medications at their disposal which can greatly alleviate the symptoms of GBM and the side effects of treatment. Patients who receive little or no treatment or relief through agencies can benefit greatly from Palliative Care in a hospital setting.

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