Glioblastoma Support Network fundraiser 2022

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Entry Rules

The contestant agrees and understands the following:

  • The video release will become the property of the Glioblastoma Support Network and used only for promotion and fundraising purposes.  
  • The video will be released to social media outlets managed by the Glioblastoma Support Network and may include releases to local or national media for promotion and fundraising purposes.
  • The $25 fee for entry is used entirely to provide caregiver and bereavement kits to those affected by Glioblastoma.  All board members are volunteers and receive no payment. 
  • The dance and video must be “family-friendly” or “clean.”  No obscenities, nudity, vulgarity, etc., will be tolerated and videos violating this policy will be deleted and not considered for voting. 
  • Video entries must be submitted by email to by midnight (Pacific, DST) on Friday, May 21, 2022.
  • Judging will be provided by the Board of Directors of the Glioblastoma Support Network and their decision is final.
  • Judging will be based on creativity and enthusiasm and should be family-friendly in entertainment value.
  • Blackout dates and other restrictions apply to the grand prize award. See their website for details.  
  • Winners will be announced on a Facebook Live stream on May 31, 2022, and individuals will be notified by email after the live stream. 

Having provided payment of $25 and submitting the video, you are providing your agreement to the terms/conditions/rules of this contest and hold harmless all members of the board of directors, owners, and management of the Glioblastoma Support Network.

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