Modern Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

What is MIPS?
Minimally Invasive Parafascicular* Surgery or MIPS changes how neurosurgeons can safely access the brain to remove tumors. New technology allows modern neurosurgeons to move through the natural folds and delicate fibers of the brain reaching the tumor with fewer deficits to the patient. The MIPS procedure has been performed over 25,000 times in more than 250 hospitals across the United States.

It is centered around a systems approach using a combination of brain imaging, GPS-like navigation, unique access, removal and tumor preservation technology. This can result in improved clinical outcomes by minimizing injury to nearby healthy tissue and critical structures in the brain. MIPS enables the neurosurgeon to safely displace brain tissue through a surgical corridor about the size of a dime rather than creating a larger opening to get to the tumor.

The outcomes have been published in over 100 clinical papers and abstracts. Tumor tissue can be immediately biologically preserved in the operating room. This allows for use in targeted personalized medicine therapies or other ongoing research initiatives to progress the understanding of gliomas. The technology used within the MIPS Approach is now used in over five separate GBM trials to further

improve outcomes for patients with brain tumors.
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  • Parafascicular: To respect and preserve the delicate fibers and vessels within the brain tissue.
Fight the Glioblastoma Battle Using Today’s Modern Surgical Approach

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