Social Security Disability Benefits with GBM.

By Kim Peterson, Owner of Gem Chain Bar

When you have a diagnosis of Glioblastoma, you were probably told to do to apply for SSDI as well as so many other tasks. This article is meant to provide you with information and a resource to apply for SSDI. Even the savviest are challenged with getting this application in and approved. Having help to secure this income in the future can be done with the right help. Meet Kim.

Hi my name is Kim and my husband Rick was diagnosed with GBM in Aug of 2018.  As if being diagnosed with GBM is not bad enough many families are being forced to live on one income.  Many GBM patients are not able to return to work after diagnosis or tumor debulking.  My husband had many cognitive deficits after his craniotomy and was not able to return to work in our manufacturing business.  I had read somewhere, in the mounds of paperwork that I was given, that Rick could apply for Social Security Disability.  I found out that you are eligible for disability is you are unable to work for 6 months.  I got the application from Social Security.  I was overwhelmed with the application.  Trying to manage Rick’s treatment appointments, his medication schedule, trying to run our manufacturing business, and trying to find time to be a loving wife with a dying husband there was no time left in my day to tackle the application to try and get Rick approved for SSDI. 

       A friend told me about The Advocator Group.  They will handle the application process for you.  The Advocator Group provides advocacy services including completing the required application, form, and appeals; provide regular status updates, requesting and submitting medical records; and providing an attorney to attend a hearing with you if necessary.

       They charge a one-time fee withheld from the first check that you receive and there is no charge if you are denied.  We decided to call them for help.  The initial call lasted about an hour.  The representative told me that with GBM diagnosis the application is usually fast-tracked through the system.  I think it took about 3 weeks to find out that Rick was approved.  We knew how much money he would receive each month, when his 6 month waiting period would be over and when to expect his first check.

       My husband died before the 6 month waiting period was met.  We did not ever receive a disability check.  I called the Advocator Group and told them about Rick’s passing and asked if I owed them any money for the services that they had provided for us.  The Advocator Group expressed sympathy about his passing and told me that since we had not received a check there was NO money owed to them.

       I would encourage you to call the Advocator Group at 1-877-261-1947 to help you apply for Social Security Disability. 

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